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Morrow County

Weights & Measures

The weights & measures department is responsible for checking a number of things for accuracy.

Some of these include:

  1. Gas pumps to make sure you are receiving the amount of gas indicated by the pump.
  2. Scales at groceries, meat counters, produce departments and at registers.
  3. Orchards and produce stands scales are checked seasonally.
  4. Scales at schools are certified during certain sporting events.
  5. Doctor’s offices, weight loss clinics, and nursing homes are certified upon request.
  6. Commercial scales at elevators, quarries and stockyards.
  7. Meters on commercial gas trucks (heating oil, gasoline & propane).
  8. Bagged products such as feeds and mulches.

If you are going into business or you are already in business and will be using a scale, please contact our office for more information. Not all scales must be certified.

These services are performed to ensure the consumer is getting the quantity shown on the measuring device. If you believe a gas pump or scale did not perform properly for the goods you received, please contact the Morrow County Auditor’s Office, Weights & Measures Division.

Annual Reports

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